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North of Gran Canaria

Things to see in the North of Gran Canaria

The north of Gran Canaria has a great force that comes from the ocean, an abrupt coast with strong waves full of small coves, natural pools, cliffs and picturesque beaches combine with spectacular natural spaces composed of mountains and ravines. The north coast travels through Arucas passing through Firgas, Moya, Santa María de Guía and Gáldar until arriving at Agaete where Manipa Hostel is located, in this route you can visit different localities, each with its architectural, cultural and gastronomic peculiarities. You have below a list of the most interesting places to visit.

Arucas Gran Canaria


Things to see in Arucas
Cathedral of Arucas
Municipal Garden
Ron Arehucas Factory
Beach of  “El Puertillo”
Los Carchones (natural pools)

Barranco de Azuaje Gran Canaria


Things to see in Firgas
Historical Center
Firgas Gofio Mill
Nature Reserve Barranco de Azuaje
Rural Park of Doramas
Mountain of Firgas and peak of Osorio

Natural swimming pools from Moya


Things to see in Moya
Tomás Morales Museum
Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria Church
Balconies of Moya
Tilos de Moya (Forest)
Barranco Oscuro (Ravine)

Remember to download the “Agaete & North of Gran Canaria Guide”  by Manipa Hostel.
Teror Gran Canaria


Things to see in Teror
Basilica  “Virgen del Pino”
The Fuente Agria
Finca de Osorio
Teror’s Market

Valleseco Gran Canaria


Things to see in Valleseco
Barranco de la Virgen
Ecological Market of Valleseco
Walking trails

Queso de Santa maría de guia

Santa María de Guía

Things to see in Santa María de Guía
Historic center
Church of Santa María de Guía
The Cheese House
Cenobio de Valerón

Surf in Galdar Gran Canaria


Things to see in Galdar
Cueva Pintada
Old town
Sardina lighthouse
Natural pools

La Aldea de San Nicolás Gran Canaria

La Aldea de San Nicolás

Things tos see in La Aldea de San Nicolás
Living Museum
Beach of La Aldea
Inagua Natural Reserve
Güi-Güi Nature Reserve

Artenara Gran Canaria


Things to see in Artenara
Archaeological Complex of Accusa
Risco Caído
Sanctuary of La Cuevita
Cave houses Artenara
Trails in Artenara

Agaete Gran Canaria


Things to see in Agaete?
Puerto de Las nieves
Natural pools
The Charco Azul
Agaete Valley
Tamadaba Natural Park
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