Gran Canaria

Things to see in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has an important historical, cultural and artistic heritage, as being one of the most important tourist destinations in Spain as well. The island is known as “the continent in miniature” due to its varied microclimates and is dominated by the trade winds that are responsible of  the climate and  the landscapes of the island. Gran Canaria has an average annual temperature of 24 degrees so it is also called “the Island of Eternal Spring”. Thanks to this mild climate the Island allows the practice of all kinds of activities and outdoor sports throughout the year.

In the Island there are numerous reserves and natural parks as well as rural parks, natural monuments and protected landscapes. Luckily Manipa Hostel is strategically located in one of the most spectacular areas of the whole island, touching the Tamadaba mountains and located on the North-West coast which is the uncrowed area of Gran Canaria. You can find a lot of amazing places to enjoy your vacations in a relaxed way and out of the massif tourist.

In the following links you have some of the best places to visit in Gran Canaria.

Tamadaba national park

Top things to see and do in Gran Canaria

Puedes visitar otros sitios de interés en la zona de Agaete,  el Valle de Agaete, en los alrededores y en la zona Norte de Gran Canaria. Descubre también la gastronomía local y todas las actividades que puedes hacer cuando visites Manipa Hostel


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